Cyber Pitstop

Community Information Station
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Company Profile
Cyber Pitstop is a community based organization located in Steenberg, Cape Town and has been in operation since 2002.We provide a variety of affordable services to our community and surrounding areas. Services include parental controlled access to the Internet and popular software applications.
Cyber Pitstop provides children with an innovative drug, alcohol and smoke free environment to aquire information for school projects and assignments. Cyber Pitstop appeals to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The instructionally based Internet usage and helpful staff, attract users that do not readily associate themselves with the Computer Age. This educational aspect attracts both younger and older members of the community, who are rapidly gaining an interest in the unique resources that online communication, and information gathering have to offer.
The Location also provides local Micro to Small Enterprises with convenient access to their online needs.

The Steenberg, Retreat area has Five High Schools and Fifteen Primary Schools with a corresponding demand for the information that the Internet provides. Cyber Pitstop has demonstrated its commitment to Community Upliftment and strives to continue being an alternative recreational area, away from the negative influences that the youth find themselves facing on a daily basis, by introducing them to the wonders of Information Technology